Wednesday, 9 April 2014

CM Storm Ceres 400
A personal review by Edward Ang (KiwKiw)

This is only a personal review that I am making in courtesy of my good friend Regie Ong who provided this. I don't have a good background in my house and a DSLR to make this very simple review.

As you are all aware (I hope), the CM Storm Ceres 400 was released Q4 2012 and has been around for some time now. It is my first time be able to get my hands on a gaming headset.


The packaging looks good with the usual CM Storm theme of red and black. Just to remind you that this is just a mid-range headset :)

At the back of the box is a simple description of the Ceres 400.

You can see the specifications of the headset at the side of the box. A booklet is also included inside for the key features of this headset. You can also click here for the direct link of the Cooler Master Ceres 400:

Meet the CM Storm Ceres 400 and Testing

As I took it out from the packaging, I was amazed on how light the Ceres 400 is. It is made mostly of plastic but it doesn't look cheap as the build quality is very good. Good work for CM on this one.

I also took the liberty on measuring the whole earpiece of the headset. It measured a big 9 cm in diameter. The outer part is rubberized. The pads for your ears will fit comfortably as it is made of some type of cloth with little holes for your ears to breathe out the heat :)

This is my favorite part, the CM Storm branding haha! Forgive my thumbnails :D

Now you may be wondering what jack is for the mic and for the headset. As you can see, CM did not use the usual or traditional way of indicating which is which but rather placed a color coding on the metal itself. Green band (above) for the headset and Pink for the mic (bottom)

Forgive me for not knowing on what is this called as I just naturally call it a volume controller lol! Moving forward, this "volume controller" has the roller "+" or "-" for increasing and decreasing the volume respectively. A feature for turning the mic on and off is also part of this volume controller hehehe.

Upon testing, the headset will basically fit your head or any head size in that matter as it is easily adjustable. The mic is semi rigid and is able to hold its place well without worrying about falling out of place during team conference/chats during gaming or any other activities that you can use this mic for.

Sound quality is crisp with very good clarity and bass. I first tested it on my iphone and played some music for a good 30 minutes and then tested it on my desktop and played some games for the same duration. I was impressed on how versatile this headset was because there are some headsets that are good for a few or specific platform only. I am limited with only my desktop and my iphone to test it so I am not aware on how will it fare on other mobile devices. You do not need to worry though because from what I read from other review sites, this headset will perform well on most (if not all) mobile devices.

The mic on the other hand was superb as noise cancellation was so effective that it cancels most of the noises in the background so you don't have to worry about playing Battlefield 4 or DOTA 2 while somebody would fart and you're on voice conference lol!

The only thing that I don't like much on the Ceres 400 is the roller for the "volume controller" as it can be adjusted quite easily when you suddenly bump it or an action that will create contact to the roller.


Overall, I am very much happy with the Ceres 400 as obviously this is my first gaming headset and I know that there are a lot more gaming headsets that offer better features than this with a corresponding higher price tag also.

At the price of 2300PHP ($49.99) this is an excellent mid-range gaming headset that has a lot of features and very good quality for its price.

Hope you like my first ever review :) feel free to send me some comments and suggestions on how can I improve in the future. Thank you very much!

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Oh hi there! Took me a long time to post something up again. I haven't been that lazy, just a little. Lol. And also because Kiw and I haven't been out much the past few months because he was unemployed. So on my offs we pretty much stayed home and watch a couple of movies.

Anyhoo this post will be about the day i spent with my bff.
This was actually taken on the 23rd of April. We met up on the 22nd, spent the night at his place and went to The Fort the following day. We met up because it had been a long time since we last seen each other so we pretty much had a lot of catching up to do. (well actually we met up on the previous week but that wasn't enough lol.)

Ash and I became friends when I was still working at Sykes. He went up to me and started talking to me (which i found weird but I guess he's just friendly like that). Then we became team mates, and then seat mates too. One time I was bored and was reading Candy Magazine and it was all about the bff issue. It came with a charm bracelet, if I remember correctly, and a bookmark with a pledge for bff or something like that.
So just for fun we read it and like did a pledge (that sounded stupid but we were laughing our asses off the whole time we were doing it). We even had our right hand up haha!
So just like that we became "bffs". Well not just that actually but we're really close of course. We did have things in common and I guess our thinking and opinions in whatever almost always jived. We also know a lot about each other too of course.

Anyways, the pretty girl here in this picture is his girlfriend. Seriously, isn't she pretty? :O

Friday, 1 February 2013

Birthday in Puerto Galera

Wooh wow, okay. Here's another late post! And just to get me in the mood, I have The Clash's album "London Calling" playing in the background. Shame, shame, shame. It's already February and I'm posting something that happened on the first week of January.
Anyhoo, let's cut to the chase. This will be about my birthday.

So what did Kiw and I do on my birthday?
Well on the date itself (which was on the 7th), I spent my birthday with Kiw, of course, and my not-so-gay BFF, Ash.
That morning, I sent Ash a text message to meet up with me because Kiw was still at work and I just didn't want to be alone on the morning of my birthday. So we met up at UST (along Asturias St.) to have lunch first, and then have a few bottles at my favorite drinking spot, "Tapsi".
I really missed Ash because we haven't seen each other for a long time. He also gave me a bag for my birthday, which was really sweet. I didn't really expect anything from him, I'm not actually really expecting anything from anyone LOL. But here was the bag, it's really cute. I loved it. <3
That afternoon, I asked Kiw to tag along, of course. Why wouldn't I? I just want to spend my simple birthday, of course, with the people I love.

The bucket of beer, of which I only had one bottle. I'm not really much of a drinker.

Ash, Kiw, chocolate shake and a big platter of nachos.

That's what happened on the 7th of January. 

But of course I also wanted to do something different and new.
Different and new, because Kiw and I haven't done this before (as a pair with any of our exes, or as us together). And that was travelling (naks). We just went to Puerto Galera because it was both our first time, we'll try out the cooler places next time. We saved up some cash for a few months to get this done. Imagine how hard that is for me since I love shopping. Teehee but we did it. Saving up was fun, and spending it wasn't totally a waste. We had the best 4 days of our lives.

January 15th - rode the bus to Batangas Port. Rode the boat (?) to Puerto Galera. That took us, more or less, around 6 hours of travel time in total.  Got us a room at a cheap-but-okay hotel of which name that I don't even know for 900PHP/night. Had brunch. Do few shots with our phones. Swam the beach and lie around the sand for a good few hours. Took a nap in the afternoon (actually until night-time).

On our second day, we did almost the same thing. Brunch, took pictures, swim for a good few hours, took a nap in the afternoon.

Oh wait, we did do something different that night after having dinner. We ordered their very famous "Mindoro Sling" that we've been hearing from our friends. Yes, we're such losers LOL. We weren't able to finish the whole pitcher since we're not much drinkers, plus Kiw had a cold and I just woke up from my daily afternoon nap so that didn't get me in the mood to drink. We ended up asking the waiter for a bottle just so we could bring home the alcohol. And yes, that bottle is still in our fridge. LOLLLL.

Third day was AWESOME. Yes I have to type it in all caps, because it was that awesome. We spent a good 1500PHP for the island hopping package.

First we went up snorkling.

 Man if we could only capture all the beautiful things we saw underwater.

When we got tired, we asked kuya to take us back to our tour guide to visit the other small islands.
Here are pictures. The place is very beautiful, I can't put it into words. This is my say: When we were there, I couldn't help but marvel at just about how everything is so beautiful.

We went home on the fourth day. Took the boat ride back to Batangas port, and rode the bus to LRT Ayala. That took us around 4 hours, I think.
So there, that's how we spent my birthday. I couldn't have done all this without Kiw, so I'm super thankful for everything. :) This has been my best birthday ever. YET. :)

I LOVE YOU KIW. ^_^ <3

Monday, 31 December 2012

Late Christmas Dinner

Last Saturday (December 29) Kiw and I went to have dinner at Gayuma Ni Maria, which is just located in Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village in QC. We had a hard time looking for the restaurant since we were both unfamiliar with the place. We hopped into a cab and had the cab driver let us off somewhere in the middle of Maginhawa St. to find out that we were not even close enough to the restaurant. So we ended up asking people if they knew where the restaurant was, and then us ending up riding a trike to get to the said place.

I've read about this restaurant quite some time ago and it is recommended by many. And might I say, it is indeed recommendable!

Of course no doubt, the food was great. And the place is awesome too. Everything was lovely: how the chairs are arranged with curtains above them for private time especially if you're a couple; how the food tasted, and how the names of the food are seriously naughty but catchy and cute; the lighting; and of course. How could I forget the price! Kiw and I had a plate each for the meal and shared this awesome heaven-sent-from-above chocolate cake and ended up with just a total of Php530! Like seriously. Cheap, great tasting food and perfect ambiance for a romantic, quiet date, who could ask for more?

But yeah here are the pictures of what we ordered: (in order: Please Be Careful Of My Heart; Nilasing Ni Adan Si Eba (or was it the other way around, I honestly can't remember), this food was cooked in beer, so it tasted like one too, with apples haha; and Beats Sex Anyday)
p.s. the cake is a must! Super yummy and chocolatey and it's not even nakakaumay to your taste buds! Kiw and I actually had a hard time moving on from the cake! XD

Be-tee-dubs, Happy New Year everyone! :)

Monday, 24 December 2012

We're Back!

Ola amigos! Has it been that long since our last post? Yes it has! (gawd I'm corny) My, my we've gotten busy since it was nearing Christmas, that means office Christmas party, which means we dance again. Yeah it's an annual thing and every party they hold a dance competition. And yep, we won second place, which is not so bad. We're actually happy.

See? Happy faces. :D (see photo below) Anyhoo, that's where most of our time being spent in the last few weeks, and we (Kiw joined in too) haven't been getting enough sleep, hence more baggy eyes and pimples growing out anywhere on my face. But we're glad it's over and that our time didn't get wasted (because yes, we got a place). This is just a quick recap of what's been happening with our lives. Oh, also, I'm currently blogging on my phone and I'm still kinda tryna figure this thing out.. So please excuse the format. I prolly won't edit this too even if I ever get on my computer as I'm too lazy to do anything lately. All those weeks of "kulang sa tulog", I think my body is still recovering.

Anyways, last Saturday, Kiw and I also visited our highschool alma mater because they were holding their annual mini fair. It was.. I don't know but compared to our time, the fair had more booths and there were more alumni compared now. Basically, it was more fun in our time. The school fair's dying, and that sucks. But we did have fun too anyway, we rode the Octopus, had juice, took a picture at the photobooth..walked around..more walking LOL. We also painted BTW! That was the best part because I know that Kiw isn't a big fan of doing anything like this but he participated, which is awesome and sweet. :) I'd like to visit again next year, but I hope the school fair would've improved by then. I also wish to visit UST Paskuhan next year with Kiw as we've already missed 2 years of it. It was fun feeling young again with Kiw! :D

Here are pictures! And Merry Christmas everyone! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">

Monday, 5 November 2012

Enchanted Kingdom With Kiw

To celebrate Kiw's birthday (which was on the 1st of November BTW), we decided to hit the amusement park to have some fun (like we always do anywhere we go). What better way to spend a day and be a kid when you're growing a year older? And since Kiw hasn't gone to EK yet, I decided to bring him there.

How to get there without a car:
  1. Ride the MRT to Ayala
  2. When you get off, there's a shuttle service there that will take you directly to EK. The ride is 300php per person (that's already two-ways). BTW, the first ride on a Sunday is at 10:30 AM. 
Real easy!

We got there at around 11 Am-ish, I think. I got so excited I was practically dragging Kiw around!

First up:
Anchor's Away!

Next up: Space Shuttle!
Couldn't take a picture on the ride, so will take a picture with the man on a space suit instead.

Next up:
Log Jam
Kiw with his silaw face on.

Time to take some rest from all those hardcore rides.
Next up:
I think we were eating for around 2 hours. It was hard to walk around because it was really hot. Besides we have until 9:30Pm before our shuttle leaves the park.

Then random rides all the way! :)

Flying Fiesta

I can't remember what ride this is.

On queue for the Ferris Wheel.

 Yay for Wheel Of Fate!

Feeling like kids all over again on the carousel. :)

Some random pics :D

At the Rialto.

Kiw being cute. :3

Alice and folks were there. LOLs.

I am so pa-girl here.

Kiw my rockstar :D

About to say bye-bye to the park. :) 

I had super fun with you Kiw! :) Let's have more awesome dates in the future. :)