Friday, 1 February 2013

Birthday in Puerto Galera

Wooh wow, okay. Here's another late post! And just to get me in the mood, I have The Clash's album "London Calling" playing in the background. Shame, shame, shame. It's already February and I'm posting something that happened on the first week of January.
Anyhoo, let's cut to the chase. This will be about my birthday.

So what did Kiw and I do on my birthday?
Well on the date itself (which was on the 7th), I spent my birthday with Kiw, of course, and my not-so-gay BFF, Ash.
That morning, I sent Ash a text message to meet up with me because Kiw was still at work and I just didn't want to be alone on the morning of my birthday. So we met up at UST (along Asturias St.) to have lunch first, and then have a few bottles at my favorite drinking spot, "Tapsi".
I really missed Ash because we haven't seen each other for a long time. He also gave me a bag for my birthday, which was really sweet. I didn't really expect anything from him, I'm not actually really expecting anything from anyone LOL. But here was the bag, it's really cute. I loved it. <3
That afternoon, I asked Kiw to tag along, of course. Why wouldn't I? I just want to spend my simple birthday, of course, with the people I love.

The bucket of beer, of which I only had one bottle. I'm not really much of a drinker.

Ash, Kiw, chocolate shake and a big platter of nachos.

That's what happened on the 7th of January. 

But of course I also wanted to do something different and new.
Different and new, because Kiw and I haven't done this before (as a pair with any of our exes, or as us together). And that was travelling (naks). We just went to Puerto Galera because it was both our first time, we'll try out the cooler places next time. We saved up some cash for a few months to get this done. Imagine how hard that is for me since I love shopping. Teehee but we did it. Saving up was fun, and spending it wasn't totally a waste. We had the best 4 days of our lives.

January 15th - rode the bus to Batangas Port. Rode the boat (?) to Puerto Galera. That took us, more or less, around 6 hours of travel time in total.  Got us a room at a cheap-but-okay hotel of which name that I don't even know for 900PHP/night. Had brunch. Do few shots with our phones. Swam the beach and lie around the sand for a good few hours. Took a nap in the afternoon (actually until night-time).

On our second day, we did almost the same thing. Brunch, took pictures, swim for a good few hours, took a nap in the afternoon.

Oh wait, we did do something different that night after having dinner. We ordered their very famous "Mindoro Sling" that we've been hearing from our friends. Yes, we're such losers LOL. We weren't able to finish the whole pitcher since we're not much drinkers, plus Kiw had a cold and I just woke up from my daily afternoon nap so that didn't get me in the mood to drink. We ended up asking the waiter for a bottle just so we could bring home the alcohol. And yes, that bottle is still in our fridge. LOLLLL.

Third day was AWESOME. Yes I have to type it in all caps, because it was that awesome. We spent a good 1500PHP for the island hopping package.

First we went up snorkling.

 Man if we could only capture all the beautiful things we saw underwater.

When we got tired, we asked kuya to take us back to our tour guide to visit the other small islands.
Here are pictures. The place is very beautiful, I can't put it into words. This is my say: When we were there, I couldn't help but marvel at just about how everything is so beautiful.

We went home on the fourth day. Took the boat ride back to Batangas port, and rode the bus to LRT Ayala. That took us around 4 hours, I think.
So there, that's how we spent my birthday. I couldn't have done all this without Kiw, so I'm super thankful for everything. :) This has been my best birthday ever. YET. :)

I LOVE YOU KIW. ^_^ <3

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