Monday, 24 December 2012

We're Back!

Ola amigos! Has it been that long since our last post? Yes it has! (gawd I'm corny) My, my we've gotten busy since it was nearing Christmas, that means office Christmas party, which means we dance again. Yeah it's an annual thing and every party they hold a dance competition. And yep, we won second place, which is not so bad. We're actually happy.

See? Happy faces. :D (see photo below) Anyhoo, that's where most of our time being spent in the last few weeks, and we (Kiw joined in too) haven't been getting enough sleep, hence more baggy eyes and pimples growing out anywhere on my face. But we're glad it's over and that our time didn't get wasted (because yes, we got a place). This is just a quick recap of what's been happening with our lives. Oh, also, I'm currently blogging on my phone and I'm still kinda tryna figure this thing out.. So please excuse the format. I prolly won't edit this too even if I ever get on my computer as I'm too lazy to do anything lately. All those weeks of "kulang sa tulog", I think my body is still recovering.

Anyways, last Saturday, Kiw and I also visited our highschool alma mater because they were holding their annual mini fair. It was.. I don't know but compared to our time, the fair had more booths and there were more alumni compared now. Basically, it was more fun in our time. The school fair's dying, and that sucks. But we did have fun too anyway, we rode the Octopus, had juice, took a picture at the photobooth..walked around..more walking LOL. We also painted BTW! That was the best part because I know that Kiw isn't a big fan of doing anything like this but he participated, which is awesome and sweet. :) I'd like to visit again next year, but I hope the school fair would've improved by then. I also wish to visit UST Paskuhan next year with Kiw as we've already missed 2 years of it. It was fun feeling young again with Kiw! :D

Here are pictures! And Merry Christmas everyone! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">

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