Monday, 31 December 2012

Late Christmas Dinner

Last Saturday (December 29) Kiw and I went to have dinner at Gayuma Ni Maria, which is just located in Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village in QC. We had a hard time looking for the restaurant since we were both unfamiliar with the place. We hopped into a cab and had the cab driver let us off somewhere in the middle of Maginhawa St. to find out that we were not even close enough to the restaurant. So we ended up asking people if they knew where the restaurant was, and then us ending up riding a trike to get to the said place.

I've read about this restaurant quite some time ago and it is recommended by many. And might I say, it is indeed recommendable!

Of course no doubt, the food was great. And the place is awesome too. Everything was lovely: how the chairs are arranged with curtains above them for private time especially if you're a couple; how the food tasted, and how the names of the food are seriously naughty but catchy and cute; the lighting; and of course. How could I forget the price! Kiw and I had a plate each for the meal and shared this awesome heaven-sent-from-above chocolate cake and ended up with just a total of Php530! Like seriously. Cheap, great tasting food and perfect ambiance for a romantic, quiet date, who could ask for more?

But yeah here are the pictures of what we ordered: (in order: Please Be Careful Of My Heart; Nilasing Ni Adan Si Eba (or was it the other way around, I honestly can't remember), this food was cooked in beer, so it tasted like one too, with apples haha; and Beats Sex Anyday)
p.s. the cake is a must! Super yummy and chocolatey and it's not even nakakaumay to your taste buds! Kiw and I actually had a hard time moving on from the cake! XD

Be-tee-dubs, Happy New Year everyone! :)

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