Monday, 5 November 2012

Enchanted Kingdom With Kiw

To celebrate Kiw's birthday (which was on the 1st of November BTW), we decided to hit the amusement park to have some fun (like we always do anywhere we go). What better way to spend a day and be a kid when you're growing a year older? And since Kiw hasn't gone to EK yet, I decided to bring him there.

How to get there without a car:
  1. Ride the MRT to Ayala
  2. When you get off, there's a shuttle service there that will take you directly to EK. The ride is 300php per person (that's already two-ways). BTW, the first ride on a Sunday is at 10:30 AM. 
Real easy!

We got there at around 11 Am-ish, I think. I got so excited I was practically dragging Kiw around!

First up:
Anchor's Away!

Next up: Space Shuttle!
Couldn't take a picture on the ride, so will take a picture with the man on a space suit instead.

Next up:
Log Jam
Kiw with his silaw face on.

Time to take some rest from all those hardcore rides.
Next up:
I think we were eating for around 2 hours. It was hard to walk around because it was really hot. Besides we have until 9:30Pm before our shuttle leaves the park.

Then random rides all the way! :)

Flying Fiesta

I can't remember what ride this is.

On queue for the Ferris Wheel.

 Yay for Wheel Of Fate!

Feeling like kids all over again on the carousel. :)

Some random pics :D

At the Rialto.

Kiw being cute. :3

Alice and folks were there. LOLs.

I am so pa-girl here.

Kiw my rockstar :D

About to say bye-bye to the park. :) 

I had super fun with you Kiw! :) Let's have more awesome dates in the future. :)

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  1. How sweet of you my dear hehehe.. obviously we got really tires but all that adventure makes it worthwhile..