Sunday, 21 October 2012


I finally have you! 

I had a lot of thinking before I got into signing up with Globe's iPhone plan. 

First, I was thinking about having internet connection installed at home. But then I figured that I'm rarely ever home, so what's the use? Besides, I know that with me around Internet, I'd always sleep late. Yiz, I am an internet addict like that. 

Secondly, I want internet connection wherever I am. I get bored a lot, but that's only of course when I'm alone. Which is also probably rare. But I do get alone times too. So..yeah. 

Thirdly, I really want a nice camera, and I also really really enjoy editing them (I've always had ever since I started using an Android phone). But I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy my own camera, I don't know why when there are a lot of cheap but good cameras out there. 

I am so "untechie". I'm such a girl! Reasons are too shallow, I know!

So anyway, that's when I started thinking about getting an iPhone. I was never really much of an Apple fan, but I reconsidered. Especially when I realized that it has everything I'm looking for in a toy. (And also because they have the most adorable casings out there LOL).

So last month, I went to Globe (UP Technohub site) to inquire about the plan that I had heard from a friend at the office. It was a good deal. 1800php a month (unlimited surfing + 800 consumable calls and texts a month) and a one time charge of 4800 php (for the cash out of the phone). Not bad.

After that, I did sign up and filled out the form with my information (heck I wasn't even able to give them a valid ID because I'm an alien like that, and my TIN number). But last Sunday, I got a text message from the customer service agent who helped me last month telling me my application has been approved. Funny story, I was so whacked (because I just got up) and even sent her a reply of, "Sorry who's this? Changed phones, lost contacts". And not until the next day did I realize that that text message was actually about my iPhone plan getting approved. Yay me!

So two days after that, I went to the store again to claim my iPhone (with my fingers crossed the whole time because I was scared that she'd ask for a valid ID again). But to my surprise, she put out the paper bag. And then the box. With the iPhone logo on it. I swear I got a little bit shaky from too much excitement. It was really hard not to smile (especially since I was alone and didn't want to look crazy in front of ate).

So after that, she told me to go to the cashier to pay up the 4800php cash out for the iPhone. I went up and got my money out. Gave her a total of 6700pho (with the 1800php advance payment) and I was thinking "Oh my God, I'm fucking broke" repeatedly. 

But to my surprise, seriously I am one lucky bastard, when I sat down, the cashier told me that the price for the cash out actually just went down from 4800php to 2800php. OMFGZZSASDjhfdsfd!! Seriously, I was really smiling now when she told me that. How lucky can I get? But that's probably just because the iPhone5 was out (I don't really know) and I was getting the iPhone4s. But I'm still thanking the lucky stars. 

I'm just really happy about my new toy, and I know that I won't regret spending my cash out for this one. :)

I love you (next to Kiw of course, he'll always be number one. NAKS) and I promise to take care of you. XD

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