Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First Anniversary

I couldn't think of a better title, so I'll just stick to what this blog post really is about. :)

So last Friday, on the 28th of September, Kiw took me out on a date for our very first anniversary. He reserved this place for us to have a nice, quiet, romantic dinner. Who would've thought that a really nice place like this existed in the busy streets of Pasay. The place is called "My Mother's Garden", and indeed, it really does look like a garden inside. So cozy, and romantic. :) And man, the food was great! The serving was really big, Kiw had no idea that there was rice going to be served aside from the two pastas served. Yes, they served us two pastas, I was already full with one plate, I wasn't able to get a taste of the other pasta, we had to take it home, along with the other food served to us.

Thank you again Kiw, for this very wonderful date you prepared for us to celebrate our very first anniversary. :) This truly been the best and most romantic date I've ever been in. :)

And now, the pictures! :)

Vain shots, before the food is served. :))

My partner-in-crime <3

Then the place.

That's our table.

We couldn't get over on how cool this fan is. :)) I mean c'mon, where's the propeller? :)) How does it work? LOL!

And then the food was served. First up, the salad (that I didn't really touch..well I had one piece of a leaf LOL)

And then the pastas.

And the tiny pieces of bread and butter.

And then the rice. *I'm already full*

The really yummy shrimp that I couldn't eat because Kiw is allergic to them. (I just don't like seeing his face being all envious of me being able to eat a shrimp.) I did eat one piece hehe. I couldn't resist.

The really awesome roasted chicken.

Thank you again Kiw, I will remember this night forever. I love you :)

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