Sunday, 19 August 2012

Love Letters

I know this sounds old school, but Kiw and I actually love exchanging love letters with each other. I don't know but we just find it sweet. 

Personally, I think it's more personal (she said what now? LOL), what with the technology and all that surrounds us today, most people would just send text messages, send PMs up on Facebook or emails. But handwriting something so personal sounds much more romantic, well to us anyway. I don't know but maybe because there's more effort put into it, rather than typing something up which saves up more time. 

I actually like making love letters, not just writing but actually making one. Yes, when I say making one, I buy some papers, cut it into a specific size and draw on it, sometimes also sticking pictures on it. I love the process of doing it, much as I love writing something cheesy and expressing my love for one person. 

I started doing my own love letters when I was in high school, when I was still with me ex back then. But until some point I think I got tired of doing them just because I think it went unappreciated. That's what my best friend told me anyway when I told her about it, I was wondering that time why I don't enjoy doing it anymore. That was just her theory, I think she was right. 

But when Kiw and I got together, and had one of our small talks and discovered that we both like writing love letters, I got the effort to start making one again. When I gave him my first love letter, I will never forget the reaction he had in his face. And I'd never give up to that smile again. 

I know that this time, I will never get tired of making love letters. :)

Love letters I received from Kiw. :3 And every time I go through them, I still couldn't help but smile and be thankful that I have him in my life. :)

Call me old school, I don't care. I'm happy with it, and I'm contented. :)

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