Saturday, 18 August 2012

"Dressed Up" Date

Aaaah this photo was taken last week when Kiw and I went out on a date to see Bourne Legacy in Shangri-La. The movie was okay, I guess. Except I didn't really understand the story LOL (am I really that stupid or was it because I didn't see the third movie, can't remember if I even saw the second one, and couldn't really remember the first one). Anyway, I just wanted to see the movie because they shot here in Manila hehehe. It was pretty funny, a "motor chase" (can't really do a car chase here in Manila what with all the awesome traffic we got) from Edsa to Lawton. And then finally ending up at a pier and then on a boat somewhere to end the movie. Anyhoo, I did have fun so what's to complain? :) I always have fun with Kiw around. :3

Pictures! :D

Had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. I super love their pasta. Wasn't able to take pictures of the stuff we ordered because we were so hungry we just dived in when the food got to our table. *stomach growls*
Then we just walked around the mall after the movie. Simple yet very fun date is what I call it. :) 

I also took an outfit shot, just because I was wearing a dress. :p Believe it or not, this dress cost me just 300Php at where else? ;) Good 'ol Divisoria teehee.

Till the next post! Haven't been bloggimg lately since nothing new is really happening hehe.

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