Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rockin' Night

Last Friday (June 29th), Kiw and I went to see my friends from college play at Black King's Bar. Turns out, it was a screening for Red Horse's Muziklaban. (I hope they get in too!) They're all soooo gooood I swear, if you appreciate rock music (especially metal (and its sub-genre), you will be amazed. They covered two Lamb Of God songs, and one original song. 

Oh my God, Chad, their lead guitarist is super awesome. You wouldn't know how he ever got that talent.

Lesmer, the drummer boy, I couldn't help but think how he could stomp his foot that fast. He was the one who invited me to their gig.

Dan, on rhythms, is just amazing too. 

James, on bass guitars, he looks like a normal guy, just another boy next door (LOL). But when you see him play, you'd think otherwise. He's really cool, and quiet too! 

And finally Mike, on vocals, his voice sounded like it came from hell. The growls man, just wow. I even asked him if was cheating, he said he wasn't. Wish I could growl like that too LOL. 

The entrance for that night had cost us 150php, with one bottle of Red Horse. We didn't really drink much (just that one bottle hehe). We just wanted to hang out and see them play and do some catching up. The place is small, but one thing I liked about the place is that you can't smoke indoors. That means you wouldn't stink upon leaving the place. You'd just reek like beer haha. But at least, cigarette smoke is just too hard to wash off. 

And here are the lousy pictures (because I don't own a real camera and we're too busy having fun and being amazed). 

While the band was setting up.

This is Chad (on guitars), and Lesmer (on drums).

This is Dan (on guitars), and James (on bass).

I had to steal a picture from their fan page because all the pictures I took plainly sucked. And I wasn't able to take a picture of Mike (on vocals). 

And the logo from outside. It's not hard to miss.

The night turned out really, really fun. I missed seeing a live real rock band play! Please check out their fan page: Seventh Messiah

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