Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Oh To Be A Kid Again

We all have that day when we wish we were kids again. 
I thought I was going to feel like one when we went to Enchanted Kingdom last Sunday (15th of July) but I was wrong. I was a kid at heart, but had a body of an adult.
I remember when I was a kid, when my family first went to an amusement park, I never ran out of energy. I would run everywhere, pointing out what to do next or what to ride next. Not this time. I was already feeling exhausted come around 2-3 in the afternoon. Maybe it was also because of the excruciating heat? I dunno. I can't tell, but one thing is for sure. I got tired really early. 

Anyways, our company held a "Family Day" at Enchanted Kingdom for their employees to have fun and enjoy a day with their family. I didn't get that much excited especially when I found out that Kiw had to go to work that day. So of course I had to look for a "ride-partner". Most rides only hold two passengers, and I don't want to end up sitting alone. So I asked Tami. She agreed to be my "date", but she's also going to be with Mac. So the result? We ended up in a threesome. LOL. It was fun too, but I wish Kiw was able to come. 

These were my dates for that day: Tami and Mac

The most exciting ride there! Tower Extreme. Unfortunately, they charge 80Php a ride, or should I say, per fall.

Us girls: Tami, Andrea and I. (Couldn't make the picture big, quality ain't that good)

This was the day I learned about his name: Eldar.

When Slash got fat.

More pictures on my FB account: jepotskie :)

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