Monday, 23 July 2012

Gino Quillamor!!

So last Saturday (July 21st), Kiw and I went to SM North to attend this computer thingy event (LOL). All I know was it was an Nvidia event. But less of that, I'm sure Kiw will blog about this soon. HOPEFULLY he gets his ass in front of a computer. :)) 

Anyhoo, knowing me, I'm not really a techie person. I just went with Kiw because he wanted to and I'm supportive like that. So I was just standing there, staring into blank space (because I haven't yet had any real sleep that day) until I heard a very familiar voice. So I turned to Kiw and asked if the host was Gino (from RX 93.1's The Morning Rush), I had to ask him because we were too far in the back and I couldn't see his face clearly. He said he didn't think so. So I continued listening to the very familiar voice, until we heard another man (who is actually in the photo, the one with glasses at the back, whoever he is haha) addressing him as "Gino". And I was like OMG, Gino's here!! I was in total fangirl mode. Gino Quillamor has been one of my (would you consider him a celebrity?) all time crushes since I started listening to RX. Until now I'm still in far girl mode. I told Kiw that I HAVE to take a picture with him, even if I looked like total crap. You can obviously see that in my eyes, they look so tired. LOL WHO CARES, I HAVE A PICTURE WITH GINO! XD

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