Sunday, 3 June 2012

Maitre Chocolatier (Date Night With Kiw)

Mmmmmm this place is like heaven. A chocolate place. I could live here forever. XD

Last June 2nd, Kiw took me out on a date over at Maitre Chocolatier because I have been spazzing about going back to this place. So when Kiw got his first paycheck, this is where he took me. Last time (and the first time) I visited this place was on Nikki's birthday, which I think was last year (???). I was so overwhelmed (again) when we got in.


Kiw checking out chocolates while waiting for our orders. (I can't take a decent photo for the life of me!)

Still waiting for our orders (picture edited in Pic Monkey) Emo hair on Kiw!

Our orders finally came (please don't ask me for what they're called because I totally forgot).
They look so perfect, it was hard for me to touch them. But I was practically salivating just staring at them.

We only ordered two cakes, and yes they look small but trust me, they were hard to finish. We had to ask the waitress to pack the second cake (the one with the Lindt chocolate bar on top) because we didn't want to leave it there and let it go to waste. ;)

And look who came in, one of my BFFs, Nikki! :) What a coincidence! I was just talking about her when we came in (because I was reminiscing the first time I visited this place haha). We even shared the cake with her (who's also got awesome sweet tooth) but we still couldn't finish the cake LOL.

Chocolatier, we shall return!!

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