Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bubble Hair Coloring: Etude House

I've been dying to dye my hair for the longest time because half of my hair is in black (say what now?). And since I am feeling a little bit lazy in doing a DIY hair color (and because I also discovered Etude House's hair dye product), I decided to try it out. 


Yes, I bought the lightest shade available because my hair is so black.
And yes, it's a Korean product too, so expect the directions to be all in Korean. Good thing I asked the saleslady yesterday on how to use it. But I also watched a video on Youtube on how to do it. :))

But here's how you do it:
1. You pour the contents of the one in the pink sachet in the bottle. You mix it. But DO NOT shake it as it will form bubbles inside.
2. You just wear the gloves and cape (yes, they're included in the box)
3. You put it in your hair like how you shampoo your hair. Leave it for around an hour or so. Awesome and very easy right? :)
4. Rinse it all off.
5. Put the treatment (the purple sachet) and then rinse again,

Voila! :)

Before: (yakk!!)

I'm checking out my hair while having it dried. I think my curls (digiperm) are ruined. Looks like I'm back to having boring straight hair again haha.

*Crosses fingers!

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