Monday, 14 May 2012

My Guy

Kiw hasn't gone online much these days ever since he left his last work. And I think I want to blog about him. :)

"You make my heart beat fast and slow at the same time." 
-----(quote from the movie Hot Chick)

Have you ever met that person whom you just can't stop thinking about? And you simply love the fact that you can't stop thinking about that person. And everytime you think about that person, you just can't help but smile. And then you get to the idea about you and that person's future. And then you just smile some more. I have. His name is (babe I'm gonna be blasting your full name here, so sorry!) Edward Dow Jones Ang Jr., obviously, also known as Kiw.

Well, we were schoolmates during HS days, and he was a year ahead of me. And as usual, knowing me who usually don't give a shit with the world around me, I wasn't aware of his existence. I only met him last 2011, 7 years after I graduated from high school, through Facebook, with a common friend whom I met by trolling around in TPC. (Thanks to my first ex, I wouldn't have had the knowledge that TPC has a "Lounge" thread, good for non techie people like me).

So how should I describe my little Kiw? (that sounded like he's my lil puppy or something -- and yep, this part's gonna be cheesy as hell!). Well first of all, he's the sweetest guy I've ever met. He never ever fails to cheer me up. He knows exactly how to make me happy. He's very loving, very patient, very affectionate, funny, understanding, charming, adorable.. He's basically everything I'm looking for in a guy. Really, I just can't wish for more.

I've had 2 relationships that didn't work because I was always looking for something. I was even told that I am very hard to please and di makuntento. Actually, I am very easy to please and I smile very easily at the most shallow things. Kiw knows that. It's just that none of them were able to do those things for me. But Kiw is different.

I love the feeling when I am with Kiw. I also love the feeling on being in a relationship with Kiw because, unlike from who I was before, everything has a positive vibe now. 
One friend of mine was actually able to recognize that as she had told me, "You're blooming, and are very different from before. It's like you hated life before you met Kiw and was always sarcastic." Those weren't the exact words btw, but that was the main idea of her message. Lol. I can still remember, with my last ex, I was always sarcastic. That was true. And I was never contented that I was his girl, like I always feel that I am in a competition (with his ex), I was always insecure. His negativity just rubbed off on me. And people whom I've met online know me as the person who's always angry (because of my posts).
I was always like that and I don't like it. I don't even want to remember it.
But I was probably feeling like that because deep down I wasn't really happy with life. Like there was always something missing. 
But Kiw filled it up for me. I'm just really thankful that I met him. I'm also thankful that Facebook was made LOL.

I love my Kiw and will always love him. He makes me fall in love with him every single day and I am just in a very blissful state. :) 

With Kiw, I feel very loved.
With Kiw, I feel very special.
But the best part of being with Kiw is, I can be myself. 

Thank you Kiw for your undying efforts. I love you so much, you are my forever! :)

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