Sunday, 13 May 2012

College Drunk

Last Saturday night, we attended my kumareng Jhei's birthday party at.. (I honestly don't remember where LOL) But man, did we have fun. It has been years since I last went to a club (that was 2009 and it was an event for DLSU where I had to go around as Mother Nature while everyone signed their petition on my white cloth dress. See, I'm not really much of a "club-person", I just look like it.)

Seeing Jhei was more. I was speechless everytime she was around me (no shit) because I was always so mesmerized with her. She's so hot! And to think that she is a mother of two. But yeah, I did miss her.  And she knows how to throw a really awesome party!

We partied for a few hours. Yes, only a few hours because Kiw and I were puking our asses out just when the party was getting more fun. Jhei kept handing out drinks. 
(What I had: 2 margaritas, few sips of Coke rum, few sips of Tequila Sunrise, and 2 freaking shots of vodka
 What Kiw had: 2 San Mig Apple, a sip of my margarita, his glass of Tequila Sunrise, and a shot of vodka). 

All that for my kumare since Kiw and I aren't really much of a drinker, LOL. We did it for love!! :)

My very lovely kumare ;) (I look pretty wasted here dammit. I'm so pathetic haha!)

Obviously we're still okay here. :)))

Scream LOVE!! <3

Can't wait to see her again next month for my inaanak's birthday party. :)

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