Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Girl...

Did you ever wonder sometimes how happy/lucky/blessed you are of being loved? In my case, I always do..

The person that I share my life with is Jeffy Rosete, I'll be cheesy on this one hahahaha!

Back in the day, we were high school schoolmates and we don't know each other because we didn't even met but I always wonder who she is because I keep on bumping into her along our hallways/corridors and that's the time that I had a crush on her even though I don't know her personally and by name, I just know her by her face hahaha! She was so CUTE!!  Oh and by the way, I graduated high school without knowing that she was a member of our cheering squad, how lame can I get? XD

After high school, there's nothing to it anymore because I didn't see her anymore and years passed until I was able to see her again, thanks to technology and Mark Zuckerberg's innovation of Facebook that I stumbled upon her once again because I saw her commented on one of my friend's status and that's when we started talking and getting to know each other.  After 7 years at last, I get to know her, specially her name LOL!  As we get to know each other more and more, I started to fall for her and vice versa until we both started to love each other.

Let me describe her :)

She's so sweet and the sweetest ever!  We all love surprises right?  Well, who doesn't?  The one surprise that I won't forget is during my birthday because I have never experienced somebody giving me a present during my birthday (not even my parents, brothers and sisters) but Jeffy did.  She surprised me by dropping by at my workplace and gave me a love letter along with Yellowcab's Chicken Alfredo (my favorite hehe) and I can't help it but smile and gave her a kiss :), the thought of remembering me during my birthday is enough but having something for me is very sweet.  I appreciated all her efforts considering my workplace is out of the way on her route to home plus she just came from her graveyard shift because she's an agent for a call canter company.  The effort alone means so much to me that I'm in the state of euphoria for the next couple of days.  Be it during occasions or not, she's sweet in every way when we're together.  During weekends, she prepares breakfast for me while I'm still sleeping, she gives me a massage, says a thing or two on what she likes/loves about me.  Is this heaven? :)

She's understanding, caring and most of all, a loving person.  She always understands me in everything that I do and in my situation in life.  In a relationship, you need to be understanding and considerate towards your partner, it is a give and take cycle, its not just give or take alone, it should be both for everything to work flawlessly.  If you love, you care.  All the things she does for me no matter how big or small it is, I give appreciation for each.  Efforts aren't wasted and she always makes me feel loved and cared for :)

Oh and another thing, I will always remember the moment that she cried on me and told me this "wag mo ko iwan ha?" and I said "hindi naman ako mawawala sayo..."

We've been through a lot of ups and downs even before we committed into our relationship.  A lot of laughs, joy, sadness and tears.  Because of this that I won't give up on her, never have I met and loved somebody as great as her.  She's not just any kind of girl, she's the RIGHT girl :)