Thursday, 29 March 2012

Prom Night

Last night was Shoti's (means lil bro in Fookien) senior prom night. This is what he looked like (I "styled" him).

I hope his prom night went really well. Mine didn't. 

I had two proms in high school, one in junior year and another one in senior. My junior year was okay. But my senior year didn't go so well. And I was expecting more, as in a lot, since it's our last year in high school. Heck, I couldn't even remember much of it except that I got really wasted that night (a friend threw a birthday party in her hotel room) and showed my butt in front of everybody. That was pretty embarrassing but it was fun, I think. Lol. Or I made them laugh, so.. was that good?

I'd give anything to have another prom night. And this time I would dance with Kiw. :) Excuse me for hitting the cheesy meter on sky high again but whatever. ^_^

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