Thursday, 29 March 2012

Les Moda

Introducing, my twin's (not biologically, we just really look alike) and also my ex's current girlfriend (yes, you read it right. We're tight.) Bella Morcen's online shop:

I want her motivation in life. I never get this motivated to ever do something in my life! And no, I don't want a kid yet. But c'mon. I'm gettin' old!

Yesterday, I ordered 2 items from her. The items were all cute, I wanted to buy a lot but I have to limit my budget. (I wonder where she buys all her stuff, kidding Bells!) 
These were the iterms I ordered:

See, I told you they're cute. I am so excited to get the top from her!

By ordering, you can either pay thru: BDO, or thru Western Union.
And since I don't know how to do either (sad), I asked her if we could just meet up instead, since we're good friends anyway. Besides, I really miss her too! Last time I saw her was September of last year. Way too long ago! I hope to meet her up this Tuesday.

Some of her other items that you might like:

She's really amazing, she does other things too like: Web designing (she's super talented!); Graphic artist; Photographer; and a Fashionista at heart too! She's a freelance artist in other words.

Please check out her fan page if interested. :)

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