Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Into The Worldly-world of Kiw & Jepi

Coming up with the name for our blog is really tough, but we decided to go with "kiwpi" (which is actually "KIW + jePI".) Unoriginal? I don't really know, but we got so excited with blogging that we just decided to go with this one and no longer stress too much about it. Do you even think it's catchy? 

So.. To start off, I will just let you in on what ya'll are going to see in our site. It's going to be pretty much about anything. We will not stick to one topic, we'll just blog about random stuff we do/did. Anything under the sun. Anything we thought/are thinking about. Yeah, you get it. Random. 

I must say too, I never thought about going back to blogging again because of my past experience. Don't ask. But I have been bored too many times at the office and have read blog after blog after blog, and then finally stumbling on my now favorite blogger, Camille Co. But before that, I was also reading Monica Tang's website. I have read A LOT of blogs, but these two girls inspired me to go ahead and go back to blogging and share whatever stuff about Kiw and I. :p

So, now that I'm back to blogging, I will try to keep one promise. Just one promise. I will keep all things here POSITIVE! No more negativity. (Boy, I must be really unhappy back then and I just didn't know it, considering that all my blog posts from before were all about me ranting about anything). No more bad vibes. No more rants (well, maybe a little won't hurt). I am all about happiness now, thanks to Kiw. ^_^

So there, this is just the start. I hope that we'd go a long way. :) We also promise to update the blog at least once a week! (We have busy schedules, charot.)

It's us!


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