Friday, 30 March 2012

Genesis Blog

It's been too long since I made a blog about anything, yeah that's right TOO LONG..

I had my first blog during the "Friendster days" and all I did was I just speak my mind and letting all my ideas pour out into blogging and I enjoyed it.  The feeling of emotions pouring out, ideas and thoughts, it gives me a sense that my brain really works and I love it!

I got the inspiration on having this blog again together with my love/wife/partner Jepi Rosete (no middle names) *laughs* because I just woke up with a light bulb in my head like your MS Word Assistant Clip-it and I said to myself "Man, I think I wanna start blogging again..".   So, I told me loves that I wanna make a blog about her and all the things we do together, places we go, eat, chill out, have fun, and I mean just about everything we basically do with our lives.

Well, this is the start for us and we hope that you'll enjoy reading our blogs and I also hope that we can be informative to you in the same way.

Thank you!


  1. Nice blog, Jeffy. Just fix the borderline on the blog. You need to lower it. It goes off the screen. I know you are OC about this stuff.

  2. yeah, I told her about this issue.. thanks for the concern :)